“NEVER GOING BACK” Debut Album (Coming 2022)

Never Going Back encompasses 423kidk’s life experiences including heartbreak, pain and struggle. And his journey towards peace, happiness and success. Never Going Back is a moving body of art that provides the listener an inside look at 423kidk’s evolution.

Never Going Back is a diverse album that showcases 423kidk’s skill and hard work. The album starts off strong and ends even stronger. The world is about to know what 423kidk is truly capable of. Stay tuned in for his debut album dropping next year in 2022.

This is 423kidk’s first full-length album, and the entire project was written, recorded and mixed by 423kidk with assistance from some great features, beat makers and mastering engineers.

Featured Artists: Lil Somethin’, Skimp Blizzy, Siege, Kenvince

Master By: Pranav Datla, Jay Plot, Xammer

Produced By: Icekey, Xammer, Husssh, Kyleton, AndreOnBeat, Heath Stone, Mirela, Ross Gossage

Artwork By: D2R Designs, Icekey

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